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If you are in search of a proficient WordPress Designer, then a compromise in terms of budget may seem suitable rather than compromising in terms of a quality website. What if you accomplish your goal of an impeccable website without a misbalance between cost and quality? It sounds as astounding as an offer by any other IT solution provider, but the fact that distinguishes The Web Logix from all other web solution providers is our firm belief in corporate wordpress design excellence. Many people think that a wordpress designer is necessary to enhance the beautification and designing of their website in order to make it eye-catching for any average man. However, at The Web Logix the concept of a wordpress designer is much broader than that. We aim to assure a top ranking to our client’s website in Google and other renowned search engines of the web, keeping in view the concepts of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is open source software for blog publishing application. It has a template system that includes widgets with the feature of rearranging without editing HTML/PHP code. Wordpress is a publishing platform that has been aimed for web standards, and usability. It is a publishing system architected well on PHP and MySQL. It is a solution for corporate and personal blogs. It is licensed under GPL and is free as well as priceless. Wordpress got started in the year 2001 with a single bit of code for improving the style of everyday writing and with fewer users. Now it is the largest self-hosted blogging tool found in the world.

As it is rightfully described by all- ‘Wordpress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it’. Wordpress software developers manage free blog including custom design templates, automatic spam protection, integrated stats and lots more.

Why you should consider using WordPress:

Easy to Use – WordPress is an open source platform that is installed on your web server.  You can update your site’s pages, add articles / blog posts, images, videos and personalize your theme through the WordPress dashboard which is easily accessed through a special login page.

SEO / Optimization – the wordpress blogging capabilities can help your website with SEO and optimization.  A blog allows you to add fresh new CONSISTENT content to your website.  Google and other search engines love a site that is updated on a regular basis.      Also all the wordpress designs created by The Web Logix are SEO optimized and you can easily manage all the meta details from admin.  So be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a theme.

Plugins / Widgets (Flexibility  and extensibility of WordPress) - A WordPress plugin is a special tool that extends the functionality of WordPress.  You can do anything from add a contact form, a photo gallery, an ad section in your sidebar, or even add connection between your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds of plugins to choose from and they are free too!

Inexpensive (WordPress is free) –  In this day and age many businesses cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to have a site built from the ground up.  But with WordPress, you can get a professional looking website and blog (all in one) for very competitive cost.

offers various Wordpress services for your website.

What we offer:

• Wordpress Installation and setup

• Theme Customization of Wordpress

• Custom Theme Design of Wordpress

• Wordpress help and support

• Wordpress maintenance

• Wordpress plug-in modification

• Wordpress plug-in development

• Wordpress theme integration and optimization


Get the most attractive wordpress Website design for your small or large business firm's online representation, followed by an essence of professional, par excellence and value-added services. The Web Logix is now just a click away, simply send in your queries at our contact page and hit the send button!