Highly expert professionals for Magento Development

TheWebLogix is a dedicated Magento Development Company with the ability to use all the features of the platform for effective ecommerce development, Magento web design and Magento website development. We combine the flexibility of the open source platform with our expert skills to provide service related to Magento development in India.


What is Magento?

Magento is a feature-rich ecommerce development platform with fine tuning capabilities and wide range of customizable features. It is open source and offers eccentric control and flexibility to both the magento developer and user. An interesting fact related to the emergence of Magento web design as an ecommerce solution is that "each ecommerce site is different and needs unique tailor made features".

Why Magento Website Development?

Through years of experience in ecommerce website design and development TheWebLogix has learnt in detail all the features of Magento and are sure that no other ecommerce development platform can come even close to Magento so far as it's features, flexibility, control and ease of development are concerned.

Some of the key benefits of using Magento Shopping Cart for Magento website design and Magento web development include:

1. Magento is open source and so less expensive, in fact Magento development in India can drastically cut the development cost involved

2. Magento website supports multiple payment options and allows clients to make payment in multiple currencies

3. Magento development is SEO friendly because it facilitates SEO friendly coding, urls and site navigation

4. Magento web development allows integration of third party tools using web services, API as well as Google website optimizer for A/B testing

5. Magento Shopping Cart can be merged with other development platforms like Drupal, Jhoomla and many more

6. Magento website is cross browser compatible

7. Magento website manages detailed report of customer transactions

8. Magento website includes one page manual and automatic checkout

Magento Design and Magento Website Development

There are two main arguments to support why one should go for Magento design and Magento website development and they are:

TheWebLogix in India is cheaper

TheWebLogix has its development center in India; our location gives us an edge over our competitors in offering cost effective Magento web design and Magento website development services. Clients can avail all the benefits of outsourcing as they would while outsourcing their work to companies which are part of the huge industry for Magento development in India.

Wide range of services

Our expert Magento developers have deeply analyzed problems faced by ecommerce companies in effectively managing their online store and have come up with a set of services specially dedicated to help our clients better manage their sites. Magento development services offered by TheWebLogix include all of the following:

1. Magento Ecommerce Store Development

2. Magento Module Development

3. Custom Magento development

4. Magento Template Design

5. Magento Module Integration

6. Magento Website Design

7. Magento Ecommerce Development

8. Magento Theme Design and Integration

9. Magento Theme Development

10. Magento Plug in Development

11. Magento Upgrade

12. Magento Skinning

13. Magento Promotion

14. Magento Website Redesign and Enhancement