Simple product with custom options in grouped product in Magento

Does the title sound complicated? Grouped Products display several products on one page.  For example – if you’re selling chef’s knives and you have the same knife in four sizes, you can make a grouped product to display all four sizes.  Customers can select the size(s) they want and add to cart from this page.  Another example would be a themed bedroom set – you can create a grouped product and sell the sheets, comforter, and pillow cases all from the same page.

Technically, we create a simple products and after that a grouped products. When we edit the grouped product, we will associate simple products to it.It works very fine, but some of you might have issue if a simple product has custom options. If that’s the case, and if costum options are set as required (default way), the simple product will not be associative to the grouped product. Let’s see what needs to be changed in that case.

On Magento site, there is a nice tutorial how to create a grouped product. Please read it first to become familiar with the process. If you don’t have to assign simple products with custom options to a grouped product, that tutorial will be enough.

In case you wish to have simple products with custom options listed, be sure you don’t set any of the custom options to be required.

Custom Options in Magento

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