Magento product view page analysis (available in PDF)

One of the most edited file in Magento is the template file View.phtml file. Reason for this is that a lot of clients would like to rearrange it differently on their online stores. Here is the analysis of that file and the list of all the methods it uses.

Magento product view page analysis (ready for print PDF)

Document above reflects Magento 1.1.6. methods and classes.

One thing to keep in mind, this document shows you the View.phtml block file and shows you it’s inherited methods. All of the Magento block files have the similar inheritance principle. Therefore to find out the available methods all you need to do is open up the extended (inherited) classes.

If you are using some smart IDE solution like NetBeans 6.5 with PHP code completion support, you can simply do the Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View-> and press the Ctrl + Space to get the dropdown list of all the available methods. If that’s not the case, then you will how to do the things the manual way.

Hope some of you would find this useful.

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