Record Your Visitors As A Video With RobotReplay

Google Analytics or other web statistic services can give you the detailed analysis of the visitors. That’s good. But what about a video of the every move a visitor makes on your website?

RobotReplay is a free service with a different website analysis approach.

Here is the demo:

Track Website Activities From Your Desktop With Snoop

Google Analytics or other web based website analysis & statistic services are great. But most of them are reporting your statistics with a 1 day delay.

If you’re looking for a instant website activity alert like new visitor, new unique visitor, new comment or new order, you’ll love this product.

Snoop is a desktop application running in the system tray (Windows) / system status bar (Mac) which notifies you from the activities in your website / blog.

Website Statistics Desktop Application

How To Use?

Using Snoop is as easy as inserting few lines of javascript code inside your website / blog. After that, website activity tracking starts instantly.

Custom events like “new user”, new comment”, new order” can be tracked too. To do that, you simply insert some extra variables into the javascript code which are well explained in Scoop’s website.

Blog Statistics Desktop Application


  • Real-time website / blog activity tracking.
  • Sound notifications in avtivities.
  • Possibility to define custom events.
  • Name tag integration (which lets you know which user exactly you are tracking)
  • Windows & Mac versions.

P.S. Snoop is in beta and to register for beta you can fill the form at the reinvigorate homepage.

Free Heatmap To Visualize The Statistics

ClickHeat is an open source heatmap statistics application & PHP class that visualizes your visitors clicking activities which is a very nice way of getting a snapshot of your visitor’s browsing behaviors.

Heatmaps can also be generated using its heatmap class inside other web applications.

Free Heat Map

ClickHeat is lightweight as very few function calls to log a click, no server load rise should be noticed. For tweakenings with the settings check the performance & optimization page.

Real-Time Site Analytics Tool: Woopra

Woopra is a feature-rich free web-tracking and analytics tool that analyzes your website in real time.

Using Woopra, you can view visitor activity in detail, tag visitors to realize them in their next visits, instant-chat with visitors and even get notified from the site activities that you set.

Desktop Site Statistics

For developers, Woopra provides a full featured API that allows extracting a website’s data into several common web 2.0 formats, making it useful for use within your own application.

This free desktop site analysis tool is definitely worth to try.

Google Trends For Websites And Ad Planner

Google Trends for Websites is a web-based service where you can compare the visitor statistics of websites.

Google Website Trends

The data displayed is daily unique visitors (after logging in, you can see the numbers that graphs represent) and currently, up to 5 websites can be compared.

Google Ad Planner provides you information about websites by simply entering demographics and sites associated with your target audience. This is a tool to be used when you are planning or searching for websites to advertise.

Google Adplanner

Ad Planner, currently, can be used by invitation only. You can apply for it here.

More info can be found at Inside Adwords blog.