Ajax Based Social Bookmark Widget: mooSocialize

mooSocialize is an ajax based social bookmark widget which helps submitting content to the social bookmark websites easily.

Once clicked, a window with the social bookmark website logos appears. Clicking the desired social bookmarking website does not redirect you to another website, a hovered window like Lightbox opens and the new website runs there. This nice feature helps keeping your website visitor on your page.

Ajax Social Bookmark Widget

There is also a WordPress plugin which helps integrating mooSocialize into a WordPress powered blog.

Name says it all but mooSocialize is built with the beautiful mootools javascript framework.

Customizable And Free Social Bookmarking Script

This is a free social bookmarking script that does not automatically inserts all the popular social bookmark links into your website.

It provides you the base & enables you to easily create/customize bookmarking links.

Social Bookmark Script

How to use it?

  • insert sbookmark.js to your webpages
  • call the function for the preferred bookmarking site like: ... for delicious.com.

In short, it saves your time from learning the submission formats of each social bookmarking website.

In the download page there is also a social bookmarking images pack.

How To Add Tweeting With Short URL Functionality To A Website (With PHP)

Social bookmarking buttons like Digg, Delicious or StumbleUpon on any website is very familiar. They help spreading the content.

Twitter, getting bigger & better, is also another powerful network where content can reach to thousands easily in minutes.

To help the readers of a website share/tweet a content at Twitter easily, here is a simple way of integration:


You can send a querystring to Twitter like:

http://twitter.com/home?status=Your Tweet. For example, a tweet link for this post can be:

http://twitter.com/home?status=How To Add Tweeting With Short URL Functionality To A Website (With PHP): http://www.blog.theweblogix.com/how-to-add-tweeting-with-short-url-functionality-to-a-website-with-php/

The problem & the solution:

There is a 140 character limit in Twitter & the length of the URL is a headache. So, auto-shortening the URL with a short URL service will be handy.

The file_get_contents function of PHP helps us to easily get the short URL as a string. Lets use the TinyURL service & create a simple function:

function makeShortURL($URLToConvert) { 
     $shortURL= file_get_contents("http://tinyurl.com/api-create.php?url=" . $URLToConvert); 
     return $shortURL; 

So, calling the function with the URL, like:


will result in: http://tinyurl.com/arbz2e.

And the link to this post will become:

http://twitter.com/home?status=How To Add Tweeting With Short URL Functionality To A Website (With PHP):http://tinyurl.com/arbz2e

For WordPress users:

Wordpress LogoWordPress users can add the makeShortURL function to the functions.php in the active theme folder.

Important, make sure you don’t leave any spaces between other functions & at the bottom of the functions.php file. Else, the RSS feed will have some trouble in creating the XML files.

And, in the single.php file, where the posts are displayed, use the line (or update it to your needs) below:

Tweet This Post.

And that’s all.

Free Flash Social Bookmarking Component

Flash Bookmarks is a free Flash component for integrating social bookmarking links to any website easily.

It supports the most popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

Flash Social Bookmarking

The look & feel of the social bookmarking menu created with the component is totally customizable. It is possible to change:

  • the icons to be displayed
  • the size of the icons
  • the aspect of the hint text for the icons
  • details regarding the bookmarked data.

Flash Bookmarks can be both added by drag’n drops from the component panel of Flash or by code (AS3).

Help Your Content Spread On Twitter With Easy Retweet Button (+WordPress Installation Steps)

John Resig is sharing very functional script named Easy Retweet Button that will simplify “the sharing of your content on Twitter“.

It is an unobtrusive JavaScript file for displaying a retweet link with a shortened URL via Bit.ly (similar to Tweetmeme) & number of clicks came to that content from Twitter.

Easy Retweet Button

Easy Retweet Button has 2 ready-to-go styles: vertical & horizontal. And it can be easily themed as only HTML, CSS & JavaScript is used.

It is possible to customize the “Retweet” text, prefix of the tweets (like RT @..) & Bit.ly username / API key to be used.

It offers various advantages like:

  • speed: it works completely asynchronously
  • tracking: all the tracking is done via Bit.ly & clicks from retweets can be tracked from a single interface

Steps For Using It With WordPress:

This is nothing complicated but can save your time:

  • Create a “js” folder in your active theme & upload Retweet.js into this folder
  • Include the Retweet.js to your theme. There are 2 options:
    • You may want to use retweet links only inside your post details (single.php) page. So, it is a better decision to include Retweet.js only into single.php to prevent unnecessary loading. In your template’s folder>header.php>between your head tags:
      if ( is_single()) {
    • If you will use it site-wide (your homepage, post details, etc..) simple include the JS file to your template’s folder>header.php>between your head tags:
  • For using it inside post details (single.php), insert the code below to any part of your template’s single.php file:
    . Besides the original examples of Easy Retweet Button, rel=nofollow info is added considering the link has no value to search engines.
  • And, you may want to get a free account from Bit.ly & update the username & API key info inside Retweet.js to reach your stats from a single interface.

P.S. A demo of the script can be found below the title of every post at WebResourcesDepot.