iPhone Application And Website Development: All Tools And Tutorials You Need

iPhone is rapidly mobilizing internet users & creating its own standards.

At the time this post is written, there are millions of iPhones in use & numbers are increasing really fast. So, it is becoming very hard to stay in-compatible with it.

There are 2 main ways to deliver your content / product into iPhone:

  • As an application
  • As a compatible website (can act like an application)

The major differences between them are, an application can use all the iPhone features (like sounds, movements…), work offline where a webpage cannot (technically yes but it is not functional) and an application can be sold / distributed via the iPhone store.

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iPhone Application Development Tools

Tools that are must when creating for iPhone like the SDK or the optional ones that you’ll find very handy.

iPhone Dev Center By Apple

iPhone Dev Center

The main & official source for creating iPhone applications. It provides great & very detailed information & iPhone SDK can be downloaded from here.

Free membership is required for reaching the content. To download development tools like Xcode & distribute your iPhone apps via the store, you need the pay for it.


iPhone JavaScript

PhoneGap is an open source development tool and framework that allows web developers to take advantage of the powerful features in the iPhone SDK from HTML and JavaScript.

iPhoney – Free iPhone Web Simulator

Free iPhone Web Simulator

iPhoney, powered by Safari,  gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It’s the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development

TestiPhone.com – Free iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

A web based application that enables you to test the look & dimensions of iPhone applications.


iUI - iPhone User Interface Library

A very functional iPhone UI library. It aims to turn standards-based HTML into iPhone compatible interfaces.

To give an example: it transforms tags into sliding interfaces rather then opening a new page. You can read the introduction of the author & see an example (digg for iPhone) created with it.

iPhone Interface Samples

iPhone Interface Samples

In this page, you can find samples for iPhone interface elements like buttons, fonts, text, design patterns, hacks 6 more.

iPhone Compatible CSS layouts

iPhone CSS Templates

Free website layouts which work in all the common web browsers including Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch (see WRD post for details).

iPhone Development Plugin For Aptana Studio

iPhone Development Plugin

This plugin adds some features to Aptana Studio like:

  • Preview support for your iPhone applications
  • Starter files for iPhone projects
  • Easy import of Ajax libraries into iPhone projects
  • Local server enables you to run your apps right on the iPhone
  • Integrated ‘iPhone Firebug’ for logging and command execution
  • Help and online documentation

Morfik AppsBuilder

Morfik For iPhone

Morfik’s AppsBuilder has support for creating iPhone applications.

Objective-C Google data APIs library

Objective-C Google Data API

A framework which enables Objective-c developers (programming language of Mac & iPhone apps) to use Google data API.

This makes it very easy for any iPhone application to reach Blogger, Youtube, Calendar, Spreadsheets & more.


iPhone Application Development Tutorials

Reading the experiences of developers who created iPhone applications 6 websites is great to learn faster. Here are several tutorials & experiences.

iPhone Application Development, Step By Step

iPhone Game Tutorial

Step by step guide on creating a simple iPhone game which presents items from a Yahoo! News RSS feed, with images and titles. The challenge is to match an image with the headline it illustrates. To play, you click(or tap) on an image, then click (or tap) on a headline. If they match, you’re given the opportunity to read the story.

iPhone Application Examples From iPhoneWebDev


Very helpful examples are provided like “Emulating a Native iPhone-Style App”, “Compression” & more.

iPhone Development Central – Video Tutorials

iPhone Dev Central

Video tutorials that are well-categorized for any level of users. Some of the tutorials are:

iCode iPhone Blog

iCode iPhone Blog

A blog specially focused on iPhone application development with beautiful tutorials like:

IBM DeveloperWorks

iPhone Applications Eclipse

Some very detailed tutorials on developing iPhone applications with Eclipse, Ruby, & PHP-XML.

Learn How To Develop For The iPhone – From NETTUTS

iPhone Development Tutorial

A nice tutorial about building an alternate page and style sheet for the iPhone and iTouch. Also, detecting the orientation of the device – whether it is landscape or portrait.

iPhone SDK Articles

Phone SDK Articles

A blog with detailed iPhone SDK tutorials like:

Build a Simple RSS reader for the iPhone

iPhone SDK Tutorial

A tutorial about building a simple RSS reader for iPhone using the iPhone SDK.

Building an Advanced RSS reader using TouchXML

Creating a RSS Aplication For iPhone

Step by step information for creating an advanced RSS reader for iPhone.

iPhone-App Development for Web Hackers

How to create an iPhone application

A tutorial about an application with geo-location features + nice tips for a beginner as this was also the first iPhone application experience of the author.


Media For iPhone Application Development

There are 2 links below which may seem less. But they are almost all the media resources you may need for iPhone development.

iPhone GUI PSD File

iPhone GUI PSD File

An iPhone user interface PSD file. The set includes a comprehensive library of assets – all fully editable.

35 Free iPhone Icon Sets

Free iPhone Icons

Speckyboy has compiled 35 free iPhone icon sets which are beautiful & various enough that you can find a great icon set to fit your taste of design.

Thanks to iPhone Toolbox, I met a post of them very close to completing this post: Hand Picked iPhone Application Development Resources, learned some other tools & added them to the list.

Please share any other tools, tutorials & other information regarding iPhone application development in the comments.

iPhone Application Development – Step By Step: Apps Amuck

A post: “iPhone Application And Website Development: All Tools And Tutorials You Need” was published at WebResourcesDepot a few weeks ago (if you still didn’t check that post, click here).

Since then, iPocketApps created a website named Apps Amuck whose aim can be summarized as: “learning iPhone application development / 31 days – 31 iPhone applications“.

iPhone Application Development

From the website:

The key here is simple: “Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps at all!”

iPhone application development is completely a new world & rather than trying to learn everything once, Apps Amuck is trying to present the information piece by piece.

There are great applications like:

  • What is my IP?
  • FlickrKML
  • MyGoogle & more..

The source codes of every application can be downloaded.

Create iPhone Compatible Websites From Feeds

Intersquash is a simple yet very functional & free web service that generates an iPhone compatible web interface from feeds.

It is very handy to use the service for creating an iPhone version of any website.

iPhone Website Converter

Usage of the service is very easy. Just mention the feed URL & the title of the website &  that’s all.

You can see an example for WebResourcesDepot here.

How To Detect Mobile Browsers With PHP?

DetectMobileBrowsers.mobi is a website providing a function & information on how to detect mobile browsers.

It can detect:

  • iPhone
  • Opera Mini
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Detect Mobile Browsers

It has an online function generator that guides you to create a personalized function according to “how you want to treat every browser”.

P.S. The code is free to be used on non-profit websites.

Vector iPhone User Interface Elements

Whether it is a web application or an iPhone application, creating the visual output in an image editing software first and creating it in code next is a common development process.

Mercury Intermedia is presenting a huge set of vector iPhone user interface elements to make the design process much easier.

Vector iPhone UI

The set consists:

  • buttons, grid views
  • notification windows
  • system menus
  • keyboard & more..

P.S. It is created with Adobe Illustrator (.AI).