Videos In Lightbox With Videobox

Videobox is a 6kb script, which shows your videos in the page with an overlay. It was inspired from Lightbox.v2 and uses some of the Slimbox‘s code. It’s written for the wonderful mootools library. And used swfobject to embed flash.

Videobox Lightbox For Videos

Yahoo Media Player

Yahoo Media Player is a browser based MP3 player which lets you play music from any website quickly.

Yahoo Media Player, after inserting a javascript code to your pages, searches for the MP3 files and creates a playlist.

Yahoo Media Player

How to use Yahoo Media Player?

  • Link to audio

    Insert one or more anchor elements containing the URL of an audio file into your web page. For example:

    My first song
    My second song

  • Embed the Player

    Copy and paste this code into your page:

  • Use the player

    This play button will appear next to each of your audio links: Yahoo Media Player

    Press a play button. The Yahoo! Media Player will open.

  • Standards Compliant Media Viewer: Shadowbox

    Shadowbox is a cross-browser, cross-platform Lightbox-like media viewer which supports all the commonly used media types like images, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Flash, Flash video, and even external web pages.

    Lightbox Media Viewer Shadowbox

    Shadowbox can be used easily with the popular JavaScript frameworks as it already has adapters for jQuery, Prototype + Scriptaculous, Ext.js & Yahoo! User Interface Library.

    Flash Video is supported via JW FLV Player. Although many types of video are supported, for compatibilty reasons, Shadowbox advises that Flash Video to be used.

    Mootools Plugins From Phatfusion: Image Menu, Lightbox, Form Validation, Rounded Corners..

    Phatfusion has beautiful Mootools JavaScript framework plugins which you’ll love.

    Mootools plugins list:

    • image menu – horizontal, accordion menu
    • validate – form validation
    • lightbox – an inline image popup
    • multibox – lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html
    • slideshow – image transition
    • sortable table – sort & filter tables
    • slider
    • rounded corners – rounded corners with divs
    • page loader – loads a div from another page into this page.

    Acordion image menu:

    Mootools Accordion Image Menu


    Sortable table:

    Mootools Table Sort

    Open Source Flash MP3 Player

    MP3 Player is an open source flash MP3 player which can be customized and integrated into websites easily.

    It has 5 different versions that lets you only use a “play button” or a player which lets users to choose tracks from multiple files. Here are the versions:

    • mini
    • normal
    • maxi
    • multi
    • js

    Free Flash MP3 Player