Powerful jQuery Image Zoomer: Cloud Zoom

Cloud Zoom is a lightweight (6kb) jQuery image zoom plugin that comes with impressive features.

The plugin is unobtrusive and displays the zoomed version of the images:

  • near the thumbnail image
  • inside the thumbnail image (inner zoom)

when hovered.

jQuery Cloud Zoom Plugin

It works in a “gallery mode” by default which automatically display a list images, shows the clicked one and can zoom to that image. This is very useful specially for product showcases (like in e-commerce websites).

The smoothness of the zoom effect, tint over the thumbnail or lens opacity can be totally customized and the plugin can be styled via CSS.

Very Simple & Tiny Lightboxing: Lightbox_me

Lightbox_me is a jQuery lightbox plugin that doesn't come with many features but simply enables you to lightbox any element. And, it is only 1kb compressed.

It can position the modal box smartly in every situation whether the windows is resized or the window is smaller than the modal.

jQuery Lighbox_me

The plugin has various options like defining:

  • the effect used while appearing
  • the speed of the overlaying process
  • lightbox being closed with the escape button and/or when clicked on the overlay
  • CSS class names and styles

To sum up, Lightbox_me is very functional for anyone who doesn't need features like image/video gallery support but only a simple and good-looking lightbox.

Windows-Like Popups With jQuery: AeroWindow

AeroWindow is a jQuery plugin for creating Windows 7-like aero style pop-ups.

The pop-ups not only look like a native Windows element but also behave similarly as well with the minimize, zoom, maximize and close functions.

There can be multiple pop-ups in one page where the active one is highlighted visually.

AeroWindow jQuery Plugin

All can be resized, drag'n dropped or maximized with double-clicks, all like Windows.

AeroWindow has various options like defining:

  • window titles
  • start positions (x-y or centered)
  • standard and minimum sizes
  • getting the status of an open window
  • applying animations on windows

The plugin is pretty awesome specially for anyone who wants to build an OS-like web interface.

Browse Data Dynamically: Compass Datagrid

Compass Datagrid is a jQuery plugin for displaying data within an Ajaxed datagrid.

It simply takes an empty table and sends requests to a server-side script via Ajax. The script provides JSON encoded data for the plugin to update the table.

Compass Datagrid

The datagrid supports pagination with prev-next + first-last buttons and a listbox to select a specific page where the number of items per page can be set.

It is also possible to sort columns, hide any of them and refresh the data with a click.

The plugin can work with any scripting language (a PHP one comes with the download).

JavaScript Dragging Component: Dragdealer JS

Dragdealer JS is a free JavaScript component for easily creating interfaces that support dragging (like a slider).

It is a standalone script that also works in touch-enabled mobile devices.

Dragdealer JS

The script is pretty flexible with options like:

  • working horizontally or vertically
  • defining the initial positions of the slider (x/y)
  • setting the number of steps for the slider
  • snapping to the steps
  • and much more.

Dragdelaer JS has callbacks on both release and move events which makes any type of interactions possible.