Powerful And Free Newsletter Manager: phplist

Sending newsletters to 1000′s of users, tracking clicks, unsubscribe links, risk of sending e-mails twice? Yes, these are some concerns of newsletter management.

phplist, an open source PHP – MySQL based newsletter management application makes sending newsletters easy, professional and managable.

Free Newsletter Manager

Some powerful features of phplist:

  • No duplicate messages. No ‘forgotten’ messages.
  • View and click tracking
  • Templating and multiple subscribe pages
  • Dynamic subscriber columns
  • User specific content like “name, e-mail”
  • Lists
  • RSS subscription
  • Scheduling
  • CVS import and export
  • Bounce detection and cleaning
  • Auto PDF messages
  • Attachments
  • Throttling to prevent server overload

This open source newsletter manager can also be integrated with the current subscriber base with the built-in import feature or some coding for syncronazing databases.

Pro And Free E-mail Marketing Tool: OpenEMM

E-mail marketing, when done professionally, has a serious return rate and measurable.

OpenEMM is a beautiful e-mail marketing (or newsletter management) application with business level capabilities. And best of all, it is open source.

Free E-mail Marketing Script

Using this e-mail marketing tool, event and time triggered e-mails can be sent which is a great feature for smarter mailing lists.

Some other features of OpenEMM are:

  • Set of pre-configured action forms and template
  • Import and export workflows simplified by wizards
  • Configuration of different users with different rights/roles
  • Create mailing lists for groups of recipients
  • Subscription to your mailing lists via confirmed opt-in, double opt-in or via e-mail
  • Unsubscription with one click, optional with confirmation query and unsubscribe confirmation by e-mail
  • Import and export wizards
  • Separation of layout and content (like a content management system)
  • Templates
  • Detailed real-time statistics with graphical output
  • Analysis of opening rate, click rate, unsubscriptions, bounces
  • Comparison of multiple mailings based on key data

OpenEMM is mainly written in Java and Python and uses MySQL for storing data.

Manage Your Mailing Lists With poMMo

poMMo is an open source maillist manager application for adding a mailing list to your website or to organize stand alone mailings.

poMMo requires PHP & MySQL, offers a very simple web-based setup and it can be ready to use within minutes.

PHP Maillist Script

With an Ajaxed interface, you can create custom subscription forms & subscriber groups. After that, it provides you the necessary embed code (or HTML output) for inserting the form.

poMMo is also a smart application as it gets the list of sent-unsent-failed e-mails during the delivery and has an automated “list cleaning” feature by checking the bounced e-mails.

Other nice features of this maillist manager:

  • Easy creation of subscriber groups
  • Quickly import and export your subscriber base
  • WYSIWYG HTML mailing creation
  • Flexible collection of subscriber data through user defined “fields”
  • Drag and drop field ordering
  • Themeable, brandable, multilanguage
  • Limit the sending of mails – throttle by hour, bytes, and domain limits
  • Revolutionary AJAX based subscriber Management
  • Personalize Mailings — e.g. Say “Dear Susan” vs. “Dear Subscriber”
  • View and Reload sent mailings from the Mailing History page
  • Mailings can be paused, resumed, and canceled “live”
  • Mailings take place in the background — you can turn your computer OFF during a sending
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe themselves or update their own information (including email address)

This mailing list manager application uses very low disk I/O and can be used for big mailing list groups.

P.S. Admin interface has a small compatibility problem in Firefox.

OmnistarMailer: Web Based Email Marketing Software

OmnistarMailer is a web based e-mail marketing & autoresponder software.

It is an installable application that is built with PHP & uses MySQL to store data.


It enables you to create unlimited e-mail lists/members to:

  • send them manual or automated newsletters/campaigns
  • make online surveys
  • send automated reminders (for ex: in birthdays)

And users can be added:

  • manually
  • by collecting data via an “integrated form builder” that forms can be embedded into your website.

The campaign manager is a very strong e-sales tool as you can track clicks of newsletters & market your products only to users who viewed your campaign or autoresponder.

OmnistarMailer AutoResponder Application

OmnistarMailer has a feature-rich & smart auto-responder mechanism.

Once a user signs up to your mailing list, you can use this autoresponder software to schedule a series of follow up emails. You can schedule unlimited emails to go out to your users with separate time intervals.

Some other features

  • There are various ready to use e-mail templates
  • Multilingual (translate to any language by simply updating a file)
  • Can be re-branded (can be sold as a product of your own)
  • Supports big maillists
  • Has a comprehensive bounce reporting system
  • Detailed reports on every step
  • Data import & export
  • & more (see all features)

Special discount

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P.S. This post is a sponsored review

Free Ajax Newsletter Script

This is a free Ajax newsletter script that is built with PHP & jQuery.

With a very simple interface, it enables you to:

  • Create categories (lists)
  • Add e-mails to categories
  • Send e-mails to any category and/or e-mail
  • View the previously sent e-mails

Free Ajax Newsletter Script

It uses 1 PHP file & comes with a .SQL file for creating the necessary tables in MySQL.

To mention, the script is only the admin interface. If needed, you can create a front-end for users who want to subscribe to a newsletter by inserting their e-mails to the related categories.