Free Live Chat And Support Ticketing: Help Center Live

Live support systems are one of the most useful web based support tools which can also be used as a marketing tool too. When combined with a support ticket system it absolutely becomes a support suite just like Help Center Live which is totally a free ticket & live support software.

Free Ticket Support Script

Help Center Live features:

  • unlimited departmants
  • unlimited operators
  • shows visitor & referrer statistics
  • “hot pages” feature showing high traffic pages
  • integrated support ticket system (hclTicket)
  • smarty template system
  • module system for future expansion

Customer Support With A Free Help Desk Software

Trellis Desk is a powerful, feature-rich & free help desk software which helps increasing the quality of support given to the customers.

Customers can easily create an account, submit tickets via the web interface or e-mail and the support team can manage the support tickets in a very organized interface.

Free Help Desk Software

This free help desk software can cover all your support system with the features like:

  • Ticket departments
  • Canned ticket responses
  • Ticket escalation and assignment
  • Built-in knowledgebase
  • E-mail piping
  • Email notifications
  • Multi-moderation features
  • Ticket attachment system
  • Skin management system

Open Source Live Support: Open Web Messenger

Open Web Messenger is an open source live support / chat application.

It enables customers / visitors to chat with an operator & get support (where all the chats are logged).

Open Source Live Support

The application supports unlimited operators, visitors & chats. With a web-based admin interface, operators or admins can:

  • Send canned messages
  • Track where visitors clicked from
  • Search porevious chat conversations
  • Reassign/transfer chat to another operator
  • Mark/highlight nuisance visitors
  • View active chats (admins) & more

When there is no available operator, visitors can leave a message & they can be contacted later.

The look & feel of the chat window can be totally customized with the theme support.

This free live support application requires PHP 5 & MySQL 5 to run.

Free Support Ticket System: osTicket

Support ticket systems are very handy applications for managing the whole support process better.

osTicket is an open source support ticket system, built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing data.

Open Source Ticket System

It provides a web-based interface where users can create new support requests, view the status of them & reply back.

osTicket, with the e-mail piping support, can also create new requests sent via e-mails.

The multi-user admin pages make managing support requests easier. Some administrator features are:

  • Canned messages for faster answers
  • Writing internal messages about tickets
  • Ability to transfer a ticket to another department
  • Assigning a ticket to a specific user & more..

Compared to professional alternatives, this open source ticket system is less-featured & not a complex one. But sometimes, that’s what is needed.

Open Source Support Ticket Software: RT

RT (Request Tracker) is an open source support ticket software that helps managing user-submitted tasks, issues easily.

Users can submit tickets via e-mail (e-mail piping) or from a web-based interface.

Open Source Support Ticket

Tickets can have priorities & admins can assign them to each other if needed. And, it tracks critical information like time spent per action, due dates, and estimated time to completion.

From one installation, RT can track multiple projects for multiple teams. The application is written with Perl & works with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.

For a full list of features, click here.