Free Job Board Software: jobberBase

jobberBase is a free job listing software which is very suitable for creating a single-industry job board.

Job listings can be posted without an account (1 time approval required per e-mail), users can search for the jobs with an ajax search interface and apply to them.

Free Job Listing Script

jobberBase has RSS support for the listings & provides a widget that lets anyone to publish the job listings on any website. Also, all the posts & URL addresses are SEO friendly with mod_rewrite by default.

jobberBase can be a very nice starting point for anyone planning to create a job board. The software has a php-mysql backend and it is open to further development if needed.

Free Job Board Script

This free job listing script is the original code used in jobber (Romanian web & IT related jobs search engine) and then published for everyone’s use and developed frequently.

SilverStripe: Powerful And Free Content Management System

SilverStripe is a powerful content management system which runs on Sapphire framework (object oriented framework like Ruby on Rails or Django).

The framework lets you rapidly code up the “objects” your project uses (e.g. staff members, products, customers, along with their relationships). You then add a few lines of code and find SilverStripe has automatically added tables and columns to the database, let you use them in your website templates, and has added new “page types” and fields into the CMS for the content editor to utilise.

Free CMS Software

Some features:

  • Simple: Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Flexible coding framework
  • Scalable: From 1 page to a million
  • Standards Compliant: Fully XHTML compliant
  • Modular
  • Template Freedom: No restrictions on the look and feel of your site
  • Open source
  • Cross platform easy to install (PHP based)
  • Supported

One of the best things about SilverStripe CMS is the active community behind it. You can easily find support from users.

There are some very useful modules developed for this content management system including a blog module, forum module & an e-commerce module.

Flexible CMS That Controls Databases You Created: PureEdit

PureEdit is a content management system specially for developers who create the front-end of the website themselves and need a flexible CMS software.

PureEdit lets you control the databases that you created with a nice looking CMS interface without any coding. It simply lets you create, edit or delete data with database. Compared to many other CMS softwares, you don’t need to adapt to the CMS software, PureEdit adapts to you.

Simple CMS Software

The beauty of PureEdit comes with the clever interface that understands whether the database column will be shown as a file upload, text editor, date, etc..  By naming the columns with  _txt, _file, _date (ex: post_date) PureEdit gets that this will be a date value and shows this data as a date view.

To see the power of PureEdit, check the screencasts.

Ruby On Rails Content Management System: Radiant

Radiant is an open source content management system built with Ruby on Rails. It is built for small developer teams other than the end-users as it requires programming knowledge.

With a very simple interface, Radiant offers flexibility when creating the design & content. 3 parts: pages, snippets (like PHP includes) and layouts create the core of the system.

It offers a flexible site structure where pages can be arranged according to any hierarcy.

Ruby On Rails CMS

Radiant has a custom template language named Radius (similar to HTML) which can be used inside pages, layouts to include content from other pages or display content conditionally & more. It also has an intelligent caching mechanism which helps serving pages faster while ensuring the content is up-to-date.

Open Source CMS With ASP.NET: Umbraco

Umbraco is an open source content management system built with ASP.NET and using MSSQL for storing the data.

Using Umbraco, designers can create valid XHTML with their markup left intact and developers can integrate any .Net based controls out of the box.

Some features of this ASP.NET CMS software:

  • Beautiful, user-friendly interface
  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
  • Support for editing in Microsoft Word
  • Versioned and scheduled publishing
  • Full support for own .NET Controls
  • Documented API
  • Use any .NET Language like c# or VB.NET
  • Full source code available (open source)
  • Super simple template engine
  • Full support for web standards

This powerful free CMS application will also have reports (for statistics) and form creation features in the near future.