40+ Adobe AIR Beta 3 Ajax Samples

Kevin Hoy is sharing 40+ Adobe AIR Beta 3 Ajax samples with us.

Samples include:

- Accessing data in the embedded SQLite database
- Updating data in the SQLite database
- Asynchronously reading text from a local file
- Creating basic custom chrome
- Connecting to the SQLite database
- Adding custom window controls to custom chrome
- Encoding a PNG using a Flash library
- Full SQLite database example (create, read, update, delete)
- Selecting a directory
- Encoding a PNG using a JavaScript encoder
- Selecting a file from the local disk
- Dragging files into an AIR application
- Applying Flash filters to HTML content
- Creating a full screen window
- Getting a list of files from the system clipboard
- Testing connectivity to an HTTP endpoint
- Save images of Yahoo! Maps to local disk as PNG
- Custom chrome example using assets from Meebo
- Selecting multiple files from disk
- Creating a new native window
- Drag complex content from AIR to native resource
- Putting files on the system clipboard
- Remembering user login with AIR encrypted local store
- Using Flash Remoting from JavaScript
- Scaling down a selected image
- Determining the dimensions of an image
- Capturing web cam images for a slideshow
- Testing connection to any socket endpoint
- Playing a sound file
- Simple stopwatch application with custom chrome
- Storing data in a SQLite database
- Synchronously reading a text file from disk
- Creating database tables in a SQLite database
- Creating a temporary file
- Dragging text from the system into an AIR application
- Extracting the EXIF thumbnail from a JPEG image
- Uploading a file in the background
- Creating a basic popup window
- Writing text content to a local file
- Reading XML data using XMLHttpRequest (XHR)

10 Adobe AIR -Must See- Applications

WebResourcesDepot have collected the “must see” Adobe AIR applications which any developer is interested in Adobe AIR should bookmark.

Some of the Adobe AIR applications have their source codes, so they may help developers to create their own.

Adobe AIR Applications With Source Code



Download Fresh: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/air/sample_apps/b3/Fresh.air

Fresh is a skinnable RSS reader built entirely using AJAX running on Adobe AIR. The Fresh reader features offline RSS reading, multiple panels within a single window, tabbed browsing, and basic browser integration. Fresh is based on the YUI-Ext / Ext JS library and RSS Feed Viewer sample by Jack Slocum

Adobe AIR Sample Application - Fresh



Download RoadFinder: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/air/sample_apps/b3/RoadFinder.air
Download RoadFinder Source Code: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/air/sample_apps/b3/RoadFinder.zip

Roadfinder combines two of the most popular online maps, Yahoo! Maps and Google Maps, into a single application. Search for an address by typing it in or dragging it from the desktop. There is close collaboration between these two maps as moving or zooming on either map effects the other.
Adobe AIR Application Sample RoadFinder


Download Spaz: http://funkatron.com/index.php/site/comments/spaz_a_twitter_client_for_mac_os_x_windows_and_linux/
Download Spaz Source Code: http://code.google.com/p/spaz/

Spaz is a free, open source Twitter client for Mac, Windows and Linux. The current version, known as Spaz.AIR, uses the Adobe Integrated Runtime.
Adobe AIR Application Sample Spaz



Download Signet: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/air/sample_apps/b3/Signet.air
Download Signet Source Code: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/air/sample_apps/b3/Signet.zip

Signet gives you the ability to take your del.icio.us bookmarks to the desktop. Built entirely in HTML and JavaScript, Signet uses the YUI-Ext / Ext JS library by Jack Slocum.


Adobe AIR Applications Without Source Code


 Ora Time And Expense

Ora Time and Expense is a small easy-to-use application for tracking and generating timesheets, expense reports, and invoices.
Adobe AIR Application Sample


Digimix (This is a crazy one)

DigiMix is offering its customers the ability to find, edit, mix & share their music. This application is a demo version of DigiMix.
Adobe AIR Application Sample Digimix



This Flex-based chat widget is designed with programmers in mind. The code input feature allows developers to chat about code without disrupting the conversation.
Adobe AIR Application Sample 5


finetune Desktop (Great Application)

The Finetune Desktop is the ultimate companion to your Finetune profile. With this application, you can listen to user created playlists as well as dynamic playlists dedicated to artists and tags. Finetune Desktop gives you quick access to your custom playlists and will keep track of your favorite music from Finetune.
Adobe AIR Application Sample finetune



DiggTop is an application for Windows and MacOSX that lets you view a blended list of your favourite Digg topic or keyword feeds. In addition to the full Digg submission information, it will also display a slideshow of images it can scrape from the linked article.

View video submissions from your favourite Digg video categories, and preview some videos right in the application. You can also set up keyword and Digg count filters that will notify you with a sound and icon when new stories match your criteria.
Adobe AIR Application Sample DiggTop



The kuler desktop displays RSS feeds of color themes from kuler, an online application to explore, create, and share color harmonies.
Download Kuler: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/kuler/kuler_desktop_1-3_121207.air

Adobe AIR Sample Application Kuler



StockQ is an application built for Adobe AIR which provides streaming stock quotes and manages multiple stock portfolios.
Adobe AIR Application Sample

Adobe AIR Time Tracker Application: Klok

Adobe AIR, as it is no longer beta, will be more popular for sure.

I had collected 10 Adobe AIR -Must See- Applications in a previous post which contained really cool applications.

Klok is another great Adobe AIR application which is built for personal time tracking. Projects, sub-projects (tasks) can be defined and can be attached to a customer. You can even make a “start & stop” to calculate the time of the task you worked on and Klok automatically adds it to the timetable.

Adobe AIR Time Track

Klok's UI works with the drag'n drop logic in general. You can send the items to the trash, manage the timetable and the projects hierarchy easily with dragging and dropping the items.

Klok is a very handy and easy to use application for freelancers & other individuals who want to keep track the time of tasks and projects they are working on.

Code Snippet Manager: Snippely

I am, kinda, well-organised developer and try not to code similar things twice and keep my code snippets within folders to reach them whenever needed.

Today I saw Snippely, a code snippet manager built with Adobe AIR by the Mootools development team (yeah, complicated).

Code Snippet Manager

With a very simple interface Snippely organizes your code snippets and can highlight coding syntax for easier reading. Best of all it is open source, which Adobe AIR developers looking for a good Mootools sample may find handy to dive into the code.

27 Adobe AIR Applications – Handy For Web Designers

Every designer & developer loves handy tools that simplify frequent tasks.

And, even if you've a complicated software that does the same thing, usually it is much more effective to run a tiny, fast-loading application that does the job.

This is a list of 27 functional Adobe AIR applications that can help a web designer to design & develop:

  • Better
  • Faster
  • More organized

Info: If you don't have Adobe AIR installed, it can be downloaded from here.

Web Snapshot

Adobe Air Snaphot

Very nice application for taking snapshots of any webpage.

It enables you to configure the snapshot sizes & lets you choose whether the snapshot be a thumbnail, browser size or the full page.


Adobe AIR Screenshot

Using WebKut, you can take snapshots of an entire webpage, parts of them or a selection.

The tool's interface helps a lot by showing the size of the area selected, letting the user to choose the image format & quality.


Adobe Air Ruler

A pixel ruler that enables you to measure the size of any object..

With browser skins, overlay mode and screen size presets, you can also preview how your design will look in the real environment.

Web & interface designers will love it.


Adobe AIR Pixel Ruler

PixelPerfect has 1 job to do: measure things on your desktop.

While designing a website or looking for the size of an object in a website, you can run this ruler & that's it.

Icon Generator

Adobe AIR Icon Generator

A little application that lets you generate a CS3 or Web 2.0 style icon, in only 3 steps. Pick color, type characters, and save it. Icon is generated in 4 different sizes.

Flickr Flipper

Adobe AIR Flickr

Flickr Flipper allows you to search for Flickr photos and also search for photos from specific Flickr users. It uses Papervision to display the photos one at a time and even allows you to download the photo to your computer. Very nice tool for digging photos in Flickr.

RichFLV – FLV Editor

Adobe AIR FLV Editor

FLV editing is almost a part of the web design process as it is one of the most popular streaming video formats.

Using RichFLV you can edit FLV & MP3 files and export them to some other formats like SWF.

A great feature of the application is merging multiple files.

Shrink O'Matic

Batch Image Resizer

A batch image resizer that can handle JPG, GIF & PNG files.

Images can be resized to a custom size or by a ratio. The output image format, quality & name can also be set.

Em based layouts – Vertical rhythm calculator

CSS EM Calculator

A tool for working out the width of an element in em’s.

It calculates the em of any given px input & presents the output as a CSS property. Very handy for liquid designs.

Font Picker

Font Picker

Presents you all the fonts installed in your computer & makes font selection easier.

Simply write any text & it will show the text with every font. You can remove the preview of any font via the “X” button or reset the selections.

COLOURlovers Desktop Color Finder

Adobe AIR COLOURlovers

An Adobe AIR interface for reaching the ~1 million named colours & thousands of colour palettes of the colour resource website COLOURlovers (see WRD post).

Kuler Desktop

Adobe AIR Kuler

Browse the color themes in Adobe Kuler, sign in to your account & manage your themes.

Also, import themes from Kuler Desktop directly into Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop).

Color Browser

Adobe AIR Color Browser

An application for generating & saving color palettes.

It is very handy for creating your own color library & then inspiring from them when needed.

The color palettes can be edited, re-arranged & duplicated too.

Color Picker

Adobe AIR Color Picker

Using Color Picker, you can find the values of a color, generate new colors & see your recent color generations.

RegExr Desktop

Adobe Air Regex

A tool for learning, editing, and testing regular expressions. It is simply a desktop version of the online RegExr application.

It provides a small library for special characters, character classes & more.


Code Snippet Manager

A very simple yet functional & “must use” tool for developers (see WRD post).

Every developer has some favorite libraries, functions & other ready-to-use codes. Using Snippely, you can group, organize & store your code snippets easily.

SearchCoders Dashboard

SearchCoders Adobe AIR App.

An award-winning application that connects Flex developers.

Using SearchCoders Dashboard, searching the most valuable source of Flex-related information: the FlexCoders mailing list archive is possible. Besides that, the application connects to the official Flex developers chat.

It has a special code input feature that allows developers to send code to the room without filling up the output area.

Developers can also use the notes and favorites to keep track of valuable FlexCoders threads and blog posts.

Vertabase Timer

Desktop Time Tracker

Track time on projects and track time on clients in this free, sleek desktop widget.

Export time reports to XML or CSV for use in other applications (like MS Excel).


Adobe AIR To Do List Application

Every designer / developer needs a task manager application to get organized better.

If you don't want a complicated task manager then MiniTask is for you. Just write the tasks, group them with seperators & click the ones you completed. That's all.


Adobe AIR Klok

This application helps managing projects, keeping track of the tasks & getting reports on them.

With a drag'n drop interface, projects, sub-projects (tasks) can be defined and can be attached to a customer (see WRD post for more details).


Simple To Do List Application

Again, a very simple to-do-list application that reminds you your tasks.

Besides entering, editing & clearing tasks, you can set an alarm for a task and the Doomi can warn you.


Adobe AIR Timer

This desktop widget keeps track of the time you have spent working on a job or project.

Ok, we are not lawyers but there are freelancers who charge by time. If you don't, then you can again use it to see howmuch you spend on a job.

Ora Time & Expense

Adobe AIR Time Expense

An application for tracking times worked on a project, that works with a timer and generates timesheets & expense reports.

FEAT (Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool)

Adobe AIR Freelance Tool

Most freelancers get lost in the expense-revenue calculations as there is not always a standard price for a project.

This application helps freelancers calculate hourly rates and project pricing estimates.

You can define your expenses like salaries, utilities, tax & mention the profit margin you expect and it gives you the hourly rate you must be charging.

Also, it has a pricing wizard that helps you define a price for a project.

Google Analytics Reporting Suite

Adobe AIR Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Reporting Suite enables you to use Google Analytics in your desktop.

You can track your visitors, referrals and campaigns, view your AdWords ROI metrics & more.

Note: Installer is in the right-bottom of the application website.


Create Adobe AIR Widget

A beautiful Adobe AIR application for creating desktop gadgets from any part of a website.

Choose any part of the website, select the refresh period & the gadget is created.

How will a web designer use this? For following an ajaxed stats page, following orders of an e-commerce website, etc..

ConceptShare Desktop Uploader

ConceptShare Adobe AIR

ConceptShare allows you to setup secure online workspaces for sharing designs, documents and video and invite others to review, comment and give contextual feedback anytime and anywhere without a meeting.

ConceptShare Desktop enables drag and drop uploading of concepts to workspaces. You can also create new workspaces, manage people and get alerted when someone replies or comments in one of your workspaces.

Books On Adobe AIR & Flex: