25 Stunning Photoshop Fire & Explosion Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials help a lot for improving the design skills. Besides learning something totally new, it is also possible to find out the other ways of creating the same effects.

Fire, flames or explosion are frequently used effects in everyday design. In general, they look hard to implement, specially to create a quality one.

Here are 25 stunning fire & explosion Photoshop tutorials which describe the steps well, have beautiful outputs & shows that such effects are not that difficult to create.

Create a Spectacular Flaming Meteor Effect on Text

Flame Text

Hell Of Tutorial In Photoshop

Burning Text

Making Of Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon

Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial

Space Explosion

Creating A Nuclear Explosion Effect

Nuclear Explosion Effect

Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop

Text On Fire

Fire Lines

Girl In Flames

How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

Flame Girl

Space Explosion Photoshop Tutorial

Space Explosion Effect

Photoshop Text With Fire Tutorial

PS Fire Tutorial

Photoshop Drawing A Fire Tutorial

Fire In Hand

Create an Explosive Cover With Photo Manipulation


Light Your House On Fire

Burning House

3D Text Explosion Using Illustrator And Photoshop

3D Text Explosion

Fire Cube

Fire Cube



Ring Of Fire

Fire Ring

Creating Fireballs And Explosions

War And Explosion

Exploding Planet

Exploding Planet

Seriously Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect

Shiny Girl

Photoshop Fox Fire Tutorial

Fox Fire

Create A Fireball Or Mars Like Planet

Fire Planet

Create A Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect

Mental Explosion

Olympic Torch Fire In Photoshop

Olympic Torch Fire

Photoshop Fireball Tutorial


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