36 Web 2.0 Badges To Inspire

Badges are maybe the most famous design elements of the Web 2.0 design trend.

They are commonly used to emphasize information, sometimes as buttons, in logos, and sure, for the “beta information” of web applications. When used creatively, they are really powerful.

I have collected 36 Web 2.0 badges from the websites which I like the designs of them and hope you will like and inspire.

To use badges on your website check the previous post: Web 2.0 Badges Collection.



Web 2 Badge


 Intracard (few more badges in the website)

Web Badges



Web 20 badges


Lesly Garreau


Full Phat Design

Basket Badge



Web 2-0 Badge


Mr Uptime

Web 2.0 Badges



2D Badge



Nice Web Badge


Split The Atom

Price Badge


West Side Organics

Price Tag Badge


Danny Blackman

 Web Design Badge



Tag Badge



Order Badge


SeoMoz Web 2.0 Awards

Web 2.0 Badge


WordPress Ultra Web 2.0 Theme

Heart Badge



Creative Badges



Button Badge



Green Badge



Yellow Badge



Dark Badge


Mes pixels

 Blue Badge



Cartoon Badge



Multi Badges



Red Badge



Ruby Rails Badge



Logo Badge



Pink Badge


Grunge Badge

Grunge Badge



 Green Badge



Sharp Badge


Iris Interactive

Animated Badge



Shopping Badges



User Badge


 Jersey Sushi

 Order Badge


Only A Blog

Star Badge



Free PSD Resources: PSDfreebee

PSDfreebee is a website presenting free PSD files which you may find helpful while designing websites & applications.

Free PSD Files

You can find PSD logos, website layouts, icons & more. It is a fresh website where there are already 25+ quality files and new ones are added frequently.

Beautiful Vector Resources From DaPino

DaPino is a blog that presents beautiful free vector images created by Pien.

You can find lots of different vector resources from birthday cards to price tags, badges, human figures & more.

This great design resource is updated regulary and you can find new vectors almost everyday.

Here are few examples from DaPino:

Vector love flowers:

Vector Love Flowers

Some vector design elements:

Free Vector Design Elements

Vector wooden labels:

Free Vector Wooden Labels

DaPino is definitely a must bookmark for every designer to find new things everyday for using them and to get inspired.

JavaScript And Randomness: Bomomo (Inspiration)

Bomomo is a Flash JavaScript drawing application which is not totally under your control.

With some moving objects, you can choose between different object & animation types and it will draw figures due to your selections and mouse movements.

Flash Drawing Application

Bomomo works only in Firefox.

It is a very different application that can create random graphics which can be used in patterns or textures or just to be inspired from them.

On the other hand, if you would like to check some beautiful work built with Flash & randomness, you must definitely check the portfolio of Joshua Davis who uses random algorithms within Flash to create professional designs.

Design Police Brings Bad Design To Justice

Design Police is providing a “Visual Enforcement Kit” to “bring bad design to justice“.

The kit can be used to print real-world stickers or as stencils.

Design Kit

How applicable the idea is can be discussed but the messsages include good tips (or real world problems) with humor.

More images can be found in the designer’s portfolio.