8000+ Free Fonts: urbanfonts

With over more than 8000 freeware fonts, urbanfonts is one the best places to download them.

With a simple to use interface, you can sort the fonts by letter or category and see the font samples. Specially, category sorting is a nice feature when searching inside 8000+ fonts. Choose 3D fonts, funny fonts or retro fonts and get them!

There are also many free dingbats too.

Download Free Fonts

Compare Fonts Online Via Typetester

When designing a website, it is generally hard to decide which font(s) to use. Also, it is hard to compare which font looks better as, normally, we can test 1 font at a time.

is web based font comparison service which you can compare the mostly available fonts – 3 at a time -, colors, backgrounds, sizes, alignments & more. In many cases, Typetester makes the life of a web designer easier. Give it a try!

Compare Fonts Online Typetester

Learn The Font Used By Uploading The Image

We sometimes try to understand the font used in images / logos and we don’t have the source files.

What The Font is a free service by MyFonts which lets you upload an image, scans a large font database and gives you the font name as a result.

Font Search

Even if you searched your font in What The Font and couldn’t find the font, you can still post the image in What The Font forum to ask help from the community.

Use Any Font In Your Websites With FLIR

FLIR (Facelift Image Replacement) is an image replacement script that enables you to use any font in your websites.

It is similar to sIFR but uses JavaScript + PHP rather than Flash.

JavaScript Image Replace

Fonts to be used are pre-uploaded and a PHP script creates the image using these fonts. Later on the image is inserted via JavaScript.

PHP GD library can not render some fonts properly. For this reason FancyFonts plugin (optional & requires ImageMagick) is also integrated to FLIR and it can handle almost any font.

Use Any Font Via JavaScript: typeface.js

As the fonts that can be used in websites are limited, there are several solutions to this problem like sIFR or FLIR.

typeface.js is another open source solution which uses JavaSript.


Usage is very simple:

After inserting the typeface.js file to the code a usage like:

    Text here in Helvetiker font...

is enough.

When used with titles or relatively less-texted parts of a website the performance is good but when used with the whole body, it can work slower.