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Need a complete solutions for X-cart web application development, theweblogix will provide you a complete solutions for your requirement by our expert highly experienced X-cart developers.

X-cart is template based online shopping cart in open source development and give a best ability to modify design and functionality as per the custom requirement. X-cart is one of the powerful e commence shopping cart platform

Theweblogix offers quality X-cart programming and custom business solutions including X-cart customization, installation, web design/theme design, integration, module integration, gateway integration, maintenance and X-cart consulting services by our highly experienced X-cart development.

Theweblogix offer the following X-cart web application development

  • X-cart customization
  • X-cart installation
  • X-cart web design/theme design
  • X-cart integration
  • X-cart module integration
  • X-cart migration
  • X-cart payment gateway integration
  • X-cart maintenance
  • X-cart consulting services

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Open Source Website Designs

Open Source Web Design is a website where you can find website designs & share yours for free. Majority of the website designs are xhtml & web standards compliant.

Currently, there are more than 2000 website designs. Best of all, with such a large free website design resource, you have many combinations of 2-3 column or liquid xhtml designs, a massive css archive (so the solutions of common bowser compatibility problems) & more.

Open Source Web Design

CSS Text Wrapper: Wrap Text In Any Shape

Text in websites are normally in a rectangle shape. This is how things work.

How would it be if they were like this?

Css Text Wrapper

CSS Text Wrapper is an online web service which helps you to create the necessary html-css or javascript files for this effect.

You can choose between 3 solutions to get this css text wrap look:

- Inline Css/Xhtml
- Xhtml w/Classes
- Javascript

CSS Text Wrapper helps you to draw the “wrap look” and creates the necessary css or javascript information and all you need to do is to apply them. That easy.

Edit CSS Files With Multi-Browser Live Testing

CSS editing is always a multi-check job because of getting different results for every browser. This time-consuming design process gets easier with CSSVista.

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously.

CSS Editing Tool

With small modifications, it may be easier to work with the default html/css editor that you are using but with large updates of CSS files or creating a new one, you might want to take a look at CSSVista.

CSS Gradient Effect For Texts

Examples of how to make CSS gradient text effects are published in 2 different & beautiful web design blogs: WebDesignerWall and CSS Globe.

Both techniques are using a similar method which is adding a small PNG gradient file over the text with extra tricks. Both methods are compatible with all the major browsers. Have a look at how nice they are:

Css Globe solution:
CSS Text Gradient Effect


WebDesignerWall solution:
Css Gradient Text Effect

Sample codes for these nice effects can be downloaded from each website.