Beautiful And Free Color Picker: AdesClrPicker

AdesClrPicker is a free color picker application which runs at the background of your PC & offers you a great usage.

It can be reached via 3 ways:

  • A hotkey
  • Optional floating menu (good for frequent users)
  • System tray menu

Free Color Picker

Once the color picker is run, it floats over every application. So, you can easily get colors from webpages, desktop or anywhere on your PC.

Just left-click your mouse & the color choosen is on your clipboard, simply paste it (possibly to your fav. image editor). And, you can reach the last 10 colors picked from the system tray.

There is also a color library within the application where you can manage your favorite colors.

All these features come with a lightweight application. Just great!

P.S. Thanks to Abdylas for the suggestion.

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